How to make an eggless mayonnaise: delicious lactonesa

This homemade recipe of mayonnaise without eggs comes in handy for people who can not eat eggs, either because they are allergic or because they suffer from hypercholesterolemia. This sauce is also known by the name of lactonese and it consists of making the sauce by replacing the eggs with milk. It should not be confused with vegan, which consists of mayonnaise without egg or milk specially designed for vegans and which is repaired especially with vegetable drink and sunflower oil.

The Eggless Mayonnaise We can make it with whole milk, skimmed milk or any type of vegetable milk (soy, oatmeal). Just like mayonnaise, with the lactonese It is a sauce with which we can accompany many dishes, such as meat, poultry, fish, salads with vegetables, with pasta, in sandwiches.

The lactonese has an advantage over the mayonnaise and is that by not containing eggs we can eat without fear of being contaminated and can cause food infections. Another added benefit is that it can heat up or accompany hot dishes.

Recipe to prepare a mayonnaise without egg

Ingredients you need:

Mayonnaise without egg:

As it happens with the preparation of the mayonnaise at the time of putting the oil, we must do it little by little. Put the milk and a pinch of salt in the glass of the blender. We introduce the blender arm, we operate the blender and without raising the arm, little by little we incorporate the oil without stopping to beat.

When it has thickened add the splash of vinegar or lemon droplets and beat a little more. In the event that during the process we are cut off lactonese we will add some more oil little by little and without stopping to beat.

We reserve in the fridge well covered until the moment of serving it. At the time of serving, we will put it in small bowls or small sauce bowls.

The lactonese is very well preserved in the refrigerator, we can keep it for a maximum of three days.

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